About Us

Two thrifty ladies sharing deals, sales and coupons...

I'm a married and a stay at home/homeschooling mom of 2 boys. I used to be a middle school teacher before I had my oldest son. I started couponing to try to pay off my minivan. After achieving that goal I was hooked!! I love being able to share deals that normal everyday people are able to use.  

My motto is Save More ~ Give More ~ Live More!! I enjoy giving to those in need and being able to do new and exciting things with my family.

I've always loved getting a great deal, so when I discovered coupons it was like winning the lottery! By using  coupons and meal planning, we have been able to cut our grocery budget by over 75%... such a blessing for my family! My hubby soon joined in the savings game and loves to go through the checkout line and watch the balance fall.

I'm always on the go - chasing my 2 year old son, working from home and blogging. Sharing deals with people is a blast! I love seeing faces light up when they realize how much they can save. I have been blessed abundantly, and I'm so greatful to serve such an awesome God!

You can contact us at couponsmakeitfree@hotmail.com.


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